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Residential Recycling
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Contact CalMet Services at (562) 259-1239 to request trash and recycling containers. Trash and recycling containers are issued to residents at no charge. The City’s contracted recycler provides a 3-container system for refuse, co-mingled recycling and greenwaste recycling.

Recycling Instructions
  • Rinse all food containers thoroughly upon emptying a bottle, jar or can.
  • Place all metal, glass, plastic and paper in the recycling container. Place the recycling container at the curb on your regular collection day.  
  • To discourage scavenging, place your recycling container out in the morning on your trash collection day.

Please remember:
  • Do not include tissues, paper towels, paper plates or any paper product with food or other contaminates on it.
  • Do not put motor oil, paint, turpentine, cleaners that contain acids or lye, household or car batteries or pesticides in your recycling container or in your trash.
  • Windowpanes, glassware or ceramics cannot be recycled.

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