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General Plan Update

General Plan Update – City Council Workshop – November 13, 2018 at 6pm in the City Council Chambers


The City has begun the process of updating its General Plan.  The Plan will help facilitate the coordination and planning of development for the next 20 years, while attracting investment and business to enhance the economic vitality of Commerce and contribute to a healthy green economy.  The Update process will take approximately two years to complete.  However, with increasing interest in Commerce from the development community, the City must consider ways to create processes to help facilitate appropriate development types in the immediate future prior to the Update process being completed.  The project team needs direction from the City Council and community regarding the vision for both the Atlantic and Washington Boulevard corridors, as well as the Housing Opportunity Overlay zone.  At minimum, the Council’s discussion on November 13th will allow for the following:


1.Continued discussion and direction regarding the vision for the future of the Atlantic and Washington  Boulevard corridors; and

2.Continued discussion and direction regarding the vision for the future of the Housing Opportunity Overlay Zone; and

3. Discussion and direction on different development densities and their impacts; and

4. Discussion and direction on the process for developing policy to help facilitate desired development types in the immediate future; and

5.Discussion on the required California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) process for the recommend Zoning Amendments that result from the recommendation


Upon receipt of the necessary feedback and direction, the project team will develop a process for moving forward with related early action items.  Please note there are also other items on the City Council’s agenda for November 13th.  A link to the agenda can be found at the following web address: